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the magical Weserbergland



Holiday resort: North Hessia – Weserbergland – Wahlsburg - Vernawahlshausen


Holiday village Vernawahlshausen
The holiday village of Vernawahlshausen is situated in a picturesque basin surrounded by the large woodlands of the Reinhardswald, the Bramwald and the wildlife park Solling, 120-250 meters height above sea level. Here you will find quiet hiking paths, romantic pastures, valleys, courses of creeks, hills and untouched forests wherein rare species of animals and plants are indigenous. The holiday region Weserbergland / Solling can easily be explored by bike.

In the village there are a lot of small shops: EDEKA store, a butchery, a bakery, a hairdresser und two taverns. By request you will get fresh milk directly from the producer. Within five kilometers there are several bigger supermarkets and you have the opportunity to go for a real good meal. Furthermore there is a country market in Uslar in front of the historic townhall every Friday morning with fresh products from the Uslar region.


The holiday region Weserbergland is the home of the fairytales by the Brothers Grimm, »Snow-white« for example is supposed to have taken place in Alfeld. »Rapunzel« who is said to have let her long hair down to her prince from a tower of the Trendelburg or »Sleeping beauty« whose castle is believed to be Sababurg ruin near Hofgeismar.


The municipal Wahlsburg with its two villages Lippoldsberg and Vernawahlshausen is a member of the »Deutsche Märchenstraße« (German Fairy-tale Road) and has as its fairytale character »The gallant tailor (Seven at one blow)«.