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the most beautiful tourist attractions

Make use of the various possibilities to lively create your leisure time. With pleasure I will provide you tips, proposals and recommendations.

This list can be upgraded optionally, it just may stimulate your appetite for the Weserbergland; in addition there are a lot more other pleasing destinations that are worth attracting your attention.

  • Weser-Therme - Just be comfortable - Weser-Therme (thermal spring / bath) Bad Karlshafen.

  • Castle-abbey Corvey - gates of the city of Höxter idyllically situated at river Weser sits enthroned Corvey abbey.

  • Wilhelmshöhe Kassel - The largest and highest mountain park in Europe.

  • Wild park Neuhaus - Experiences of nature in the »Hochsolling«.

  • The mill square - Open air exhibition at Oberweser - Gieselwerder.

  • Church at Vernawahlshausen - The little church of Vernawahlshausen is the eldest conserved building in the village.

  • Monastic church Lippoldsberg - Contains information to the history of the romanesque basilica »St. George and Maria« - event information and information about music in the monastic church. Also available are excerpts from an audioguide, a picture gallery plus a view into the conception of the building.

  • Bursfelde monastery - The monastery Bursfelde was founded in the year 1093 and since then has witnessed a changeful history.

Little place Sababurg is located in the heart of the mighty »Rheinhardswald« between Kassel and Göttingen on the hessian side of the Weserbergland, the fairy-tale country of the Brothers Grimm:

  • Sababurg sleeping beauty’s castle - like a fairy-tale castle the Sababurg sits enthroned small and lonely on its basalt hilltop – fittingly near the »Deutsche Märchenstraße« (German Fairy-tale Road). When the medieval old pile started going to rack in the 19th century sagas and legends rapidly spread around the ruin.
  • Animal park Sababurg - Founded in 1571, the 125 hectares animal park Sababurg is probably the oldest and biggest zoological site in Europe.
  • Primeval forest Sababurg - Next to the district road Hofgeismar-Sababurg this 92 hectares natural reserve the probably best known forest area in Germany is located. As a relict of the »Hutewald« (a forest used as a pasture)that dominated the landscape since the Middle Ages it already had been withdrawn from silvicultural land use in 1907. Since then magnificent ageold oaks, mighty beeches, impressive common hornbeams and alder trees could survive.

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